- It all started with a band called Blatant.  Joe was the singer and Soy was the bassist.  Joe and Soy quickly became friends and found out that each had a lust for heavy music, gore, and horror flicks.  The fact that the other 2 members of Blatant kept writing softer and softer music forced Joe and Soy to split from the band and work together on a new project.  About a year of trying out musicians (all of them were not dedicated, to say the least) and Soy being unsure on what instrument to concentrate on, caused the 2 to be held behind.  Soy quickly picked up guitar and started writing songs.  About a year and a half since the start of the new project, they attempted to record some of their work.  Having no drummer or bassist, the whores decided that it would be a good idea to use a drum machine until a drummer could be found.  So... using the $100 drum machine and a computer, they started to record.  During one of their many visits to the bar Joe saw a very old friend, Todd, who wanted to play Bass with the band.  So then they had three.